Bronze AUJA Runes Good Luck Mjolnir Thor Hammer Nordic Amulet Talisman 3D Adjustable Size Ring


  • Handmade item
  • Material: solid bronze

This is a real solid bronze 3-dimensional hand-crafted antique finish adjustable size ring . The bronze ring is a mini replica of a real Thor hammer found during excavations in 1877 in Skåne, Sweden. The four runes on the ring are Ansuz, Uruz, Jera, Ansuz.

Runes that are used in combinations carry own unique meanings or spells. The four runes used in this sequence: Ansuz, Uruz, Jera, Ansuz create a widely used word 'auja' which means happiness, luck. The magic word auja brings good luck to its owner.

Thor's hammer, or Mjolnir, is a very powerful Nordic protective amulet, a symbol of the creative powers of man. It is a really powerful shield from any negative energy channeled towards the owner of the pendant and also carries great support in new beginnings in life. It brings luck in those situations in life over which one has very little control and protects from curses by neutralizing them. Thor's hammer gives confidence in your own abilities.

The ring comes in one size 9 US (19 mm) and can be adjusted to smaller and larger sizes.


► Optionally, you can add the genuine handmade leather pouch stitched with a natural hemp cord. It makes a nice gift case for the ring.

► Shipping worldwide, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery to USA, Canada and Australia, and about 10-14 days to most European countries.