Bronze Helm of Awe Aegishjalmur Futhark Viking Magic Stave Runic Amulet Adjustable Size Ring

This is a real solid bronze 3-dimensional hand-crafted antique finish adjustable size ring. The ring features the Helm of Awe or Aegishjalmur in the middle with the Futhark alphabet around it and two Mjolnirs on the sides.

Aegishjalmur, or the Helm of Awe, is an Icelandic magical symbol of protection, also called stave, which has the power to induce fear and to protect against abuse of power. Early Vikings used to inscribe it on the forehead between the eyes. Aegishjalmur's main purpose was to protect and dominate in battle and also to instill fear and conquer fear in own mind.

Futhark, or runic alphabet, goes around the Aegishjalmur. The runic alphabet is a collection of magical symbols. The runes have names, phonetic and magical meanings.

The ring comes in one size 8 US (18 mm) and can be adjusted up or down a few sizes.


► Optionally, you can add the genuine handmade leather pouch stitched with a natural hemp cord. It makes a nice gift case for the ring.

► Shipping worldwide from Ukraine, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for delivery to USA, Canada and Australia, and about 10-14 days to most European countries.