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Jormungandr Symbol with Oak Leaves and Acorns Sterling Silver Viking Ring

Very long serpents, able to encircle a large object, such as the entire world, biting their own tails in the same time, were widely used to symbolize eternity and cyclical nature of things. In Norse mythology, Jormungandr is an offspring of Loki and an arch nemesis to Thor. The serpent would spend all its life deeply underwater to avoid an encounter with Thor and his hammer, the Mjolnir. Finally, during Ragnarok,   Thor manages to kill Jormungandr but succumbs shortly afterward from large amounts of Jormungandr's venom.

Your Jormungandr ring will not be venomous. Instead, it will be made of high-quality silver.


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  • Material: 925 silver, sterling silver.
  • Handmade in Ukraine by artisan jewelers from precious metals
  • Weight: (depends on the size)
  • Availability: Made to order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size)
  • Carefully packaged and comes with a branded box.
  • BONUS: CD full of Scandinavian folk songs.