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Vegvisir Viking Symbol Ring Sterling Silver Ring

Travel through the lands of Norsemen meant wading through harsh weather, bloodthirsty creatures, thieves, while lacking food and a warm place to stay. The Vegvisir acted as a spiritual compass which helped travelers believe in a safe way to home. Also called a runic compass, Vigvisir represents a symbol which defends one traveling from all challenges of the journey.


At first sight it looks like the Helm of Awe. These two also have a similar connotation, with Helm of Awe protecting warriors.


Vigvisir is one of the most complex symbols and jewelry decorated with it looks very precious. This Vigvisir silver ring features oak leaves and acorns which fulfill the pure Viking art of this item. 



  • Material 100% silver, 925 sterling silver ring.
  • Handmade in Ukraine by artisan jewelers from precious metals
  • Weight: (depends on the size)
  • Availability: Made to order (you'll get the ring which is made individually with your size).