VikingsBrand Viking Knife - Huginn & Muninn Hand Forged Knife with Raven Engraving
VikingsBrand Viking Knife - Huginn & Muninn Hand Forged Knife with Raven Engraving

VikingsBrand Viking Knife - Huginn & Muninn Hand Forged Knife with Raven Engraving

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Product Description
Masterfully Designed - Emblazoned on both sides of the blade are artfully crafted images of ravens. Consider this handmade knife a beautiful homage to Huginn and Muninn, the divine birds of Odin. On a quest to find a new blade for your Viking armory?
  • Protect Yourself & Your Blade - The knife comes nestled inside a thick, genuine leather sheath with durable stitching. You can count on it to keep your blade safe from dings and your fingers from cuts.

  • While Vikings are mostly known to wield fearsome swords and battle axes, their arsenal of tools is not limited to such. They're also known to bear knives, a handy tool that's perfect for mundane, everyday tasks.

    That said, no Viking collection would be complete without a Viking knife. And while the utility is important, it wouldn't hurt to choose a knife that's designed to be a reminder of the rich culture and heritage of these ancient warrior tribes.

    This Raven Viking Knife from VikingsBrand combines beauty and function into one formidable blade!

    Norse mythology is awash with a variety of mythical creatures, and depictions of two of the most revered are embellished on the blade of this knife: Huginn and Muninn. These helping spirits in the forms of ravens are closely associated with Odin, the chief of the Aesir and king of Asgard.

    Apart from the wonderfully decorated blade, another thing of beauty that makes this knife stand out is the hilt. It's made from premium quality ash wood which is treated and not painted, allowing the smooth, flowing wood patterns to show through. It even comes with a genuine leather sheath that boasts the same engravings as the knife.

    The blade is crafted from carbon steel, which is not just durable but also impressively sharp. As such, you can use this knife for various purposes, from slicing meat to cutting ropes. This metal also holds its edge well, thus reducing the need for constant re-sharpening.

    Here are more details about our Viking's knife:

    - Total length: 9"
    - Blade length: 4.7"
    - Handle length: 4.3"
    - Blade width: 2"

    Take possession of a knife you'd be proud to display and wield. Add the VikingsBrand Raven Viking Knife to your cart TODAY!

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    I say quality as expected because your products are always quality. Really good workmanship especially for the price. Love the bracelet. It fits pretty good. I have small wrists but I like the way it fits. Was nice to be able to pick a size. Love the Silver Hammer and Ruin. Very pretty engraving design.

    Mason T.

    Beautiful, heavy necklace, great quality!

    Orphée B.

    I bought these because I like the look. But didn’t expect them to be this comfortable. I have to wear this almost all day and I liked the feeling so much I ordered more straight away. So I just wear it one per day, wear another of the same product when I wash it, and rotate it through the week. It’s awesome.

    Didier B.

    Love these. I've had trouble in the past with simular things like this and they were too small. Not these. The fit is just the right tension on my face and head. Very comfortable. I know ill buy more later when these wear out. Keep up the good work.

    Michael D.

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