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Viking Mugs

Enjoy your drink like a real Viking, as every beer tastes better with VikingsBrand Viking Mugs! Browse our collection, pick the one you like the most and we will deliver it to you wherever you are!

Viking Mugs

If you consider yourself to be a Viking, one thing is sure. You love and enjoy the taste of beer! And let us tell you that your favorite beer will taste even better if you drink it from a real Viking Mug!

VikingsBrand’s collection of genuinely awe-inspiring beer mugs is designed by Vikings, who have been crafting drinking mugs for generations. Is there a better mug in the world than the one with a Thor’s Hammer as a handle? Of course, there is not, which is why you can find one of those in our collection.

Our Viking Mugs can be used as a decoration of your Viking home, or better yet, as a fully functional and unique mug to drink from. On all occasions where you decide to use your Viking Mug, one thing is certain, you will stand out from the crowd, and your beer will taste better!

If you are in love with Viking and Norse mythology, you won’t find better-looking beer mugs anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, our Viking Mugs would also make a perfect gift to anyone in love with Viking heritage, as they are truly unique and one of a kind!

Choose your Viking Mug now. Skål!